Registration Information:



Welcome to the Mavericks 2017 Football program for MIDGET (ages 15-17).


Registration for the 2017 season is now closed.


All information from the team will be sent to players via email and players can check the website for any updates at www.mavericksfootball.ca. If any Midget Player is suspended from school they are automatically suspended from playing Midget Football until they return to class.




Listed below is what is needed from each player when he returns
for equipment hand-out.




• REGISTRATION PAYMENT of $460.00 cash or check payable
  to Mavericks Football

CAMFA (Calgary and area Midget Football) Health Questionnaire Form
   plus CAMFA Consent and Release Form

MAVERICKS 2017 Registration Form

MAVERICKS Consent and Release Form

2017 Media Consent Form

• Photocopy of Birth Certificate

• Photocopy of Home Utility Bill showing home address

• Photocopy of School Identification

CAMFA Notice and Consent Form for New Registrants (First Year Players Only)

• $250.00 PLAYER BOND CHECK will be collected and held until end of season.

  This bond will be destroyed once all equipment has been returned and volunteer

  duties have been completed. If the player does not return equipment on

  equipment return day or volunteer hours have not been completed, the PLAYER

  BOND will be cashed. (NO EXCEPTIONS).


All forms must be filled in full and all necessary paperwork attached.


Once Payment and paperwork are completed then you will be eligible
to be fitted in Maverick Football Gear.




If you have additional questions, please email mavericks_football@hotmail.com




If a player decides to quit football after tryouts and the player has been dressed in equipment the following fee schedule will apply:


Tryout Week
   $50.00 will be kept from player registration

After 1st week

  $100.00 will be kept from player registration

2nd week and after

   100% of the registration monies will be kept


These fees apply if player quits on his own will or is injured during the season.

Mavericks Football Motto

"Meticulously I will prepare for every snap.  I will train my mind and my body for what is to come.  NO one will work harder to ensure that I outlast, outsmart and out-effort my opponent.  I will do what is asked of me and shoulder more than my share of the task whatever it may be - 100 PERCENT.  I accept the fact that my teammates and coaches expect me to rise above my limits to go further, faster and fight harder than any other team will.  My HEART and my MIND will carry my body when my limbs are too weak."

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